Quarles Safety Program

Quarles Safety Program

Quarles Propane Safety ProgramsQuarles puts safety first. Our environmental safety engineers and operations managers ensure that our products are delivered in compliance with the highest industry safety standards to safeguard your family, your property, and the environment.

All propane or oil heat deliveries are subject to compliance with the following safety standards:

Leak Check • Keeping you safe is our #1 priority. We will test the integrity of your propane piping prior to making your first propane delivery.

Basement Oil Tank Inspection • We will test the integrity of your basement oil tank prior to making your first oil heat delivery

Duty to Warn • We participate in the industry’s best practices for propane usage, and we promote consumer safety education and awareness.

Cathodic Protection • We will perform the required testing on all underground propane storage tanks.

CSST (corrugated stainless steel tubing) • We will inspect the gas piping inside your home.