Propane Tank Ownership

Propane Tank Ownership Facts

Quarles Propane Tank OwnershipHaving a propane tank owned by Quarles can provide peace of mind, and extra money in your pocket.

Quarles tank ownership can provide you with:

  • A competitive market based propane price.
  • Trained technicians who will provide peace of mind about the safety of your home’s propane tank and system.

Though nominal per-gallon discounts are available for customer-owned tanks, it will take the average tank owner 12-20 years to recoup their investment on the purchase of the tank.
Additionally, customers who own their underground tank are required to test the tank’s cathodic protection system every three years. This test must be performed by a trained technician at the customer’s expense. They must maintain all the outside piping and regulators at their own expense.

If you already own your tank, Quarles may be willing to purchase it from you and take responsibility for its safety inspections and maintenance. Call 800.201.HEAT and ask a Customer Care Specialist for more details.