Prepping for the Cold Winter Ahead

As a fuel company based in Fredericksburg, Virginia, we often count ourselves lucky to be located in an area of such natural beauty this time of year. Especially when people from all over the United States are traveling to our beautiful region in order to enjoy the colorful fall foliage during the pause between the seasons. In many ways, autumn can be the perfect time to take a pause to reassess things, whether that’s planning for the upcoming holidays in November or December or making time in your schedule to take care of home improvements before the serious winter weather descends.

Right now, our area is enjoying an Indian summer of warm temperatures in the 60s and 70s but it won’t be too long before the overnight and early morning temperatures will begin dipping into the 50s and upper 40s and even 30s. Except for the truly hearty souls, those kind of temperatures typically mean that it’s time to think about using the heater in the house to cut the chill in the air and make it a little easier to get out of a warm bed in the morning.

During this in-between time of moderate temperatures when your heater is not yet seeing constant use, it’s a good time to call Quarles to have your heating oil tank filled before the true heating season begins. No matter what of time of year it is, it’s always a good idea to keep your heating oil tank at least one-quarter to half full when it’s not in use. This helps decrease the build-up of water condensation in the heating oil tank. Once we fill the tank full, the reliable services from Quarles don’t stop there. Customers always have access to Quarles’ phone support that connects you to a one of our live customer service agents 24/7, and if you do run out of heating oil, just call Quarles and we’ll schedule a delivery as soon as possible during normal business hours.

Quarles also understands that heating costs make up a portion of many homeowners’ budgetary concerns. This is why we offer an option that allows our customers to budget for the cost of their heating oil throughout the year. The Budget Payment Plan allows customers to spread out payments over 12 months without a fee. A monthly statement is also issued to keep you informed of all deliveries, your current account balance and any account credit balance.

If you enroll in the BuySmart Price Protection plan by Oct. 14, you can receive the posted price or the guaranteed maximum price per gallon, whichever is less, on all heating oil deliveries that Quarles makes Oct. 1-May 31. Customers can combine the benefits of the Budget Payment Plant, BuySmart Price Protection plan and automatic delivery for true convenience that will never leave you and your family out in the cold.

Quarles Offers Its Heating Oil Customers

  • Local Storage
  • Automatic Delivery for Peace of Mind
  • Price Promotion Plans

Start planning now for the cold winter ahead with convenient oil heat services from the reliable fuel company in Virginia. Contact Quarles, a provider of quality heat and oil services in Virginia and throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. We’ve proudly supplied heating oil services in the area since we were a one-truck operation back in 1940.