Looking Forward to Cooler Days Ahead

Next to the winter holidays, the end of summer can be one of the busiest times of the year with last-minute gatherings and final trips to the beach or lake before welcoming in fall with back-to-school activities, fall festivals and tailgating. This fall as you and your family make the transition from one season to another, remember that this is also a great time to start thinking ahead to colder days and how to best meet your home or business’s heating needs before the temperatures take a nose dive. Quarles, a provider of propane and oil heat services in Virginia, has made a business of keeping customers warm since 1940 and they can help you determine the right heating solution for your home or business, too.

Oil has long been considered a source of reliable heat, but if you’re new to the method of oil heating, here’s a quick primer. The No. 2 heating oil is a low-viscosity variety of liquid petroleum that’s used primarily in boilers or furnaces. The oil is transported by truck from a nearby containment unit to a specified location where it’s delivered in storage containers directly to the customer and stored in a basement, garage or an adjacent building. This method is especially effective for heating areas that are off the beaten path and that do not have access to other heating methods.

When it comes to comparing oil to gas and electricity heating, oil burns 400 degrees hotter than gas and electricity. This means that rooms heated with oil are able to warm more quickly. If you’re curious about making the switch from gas or electric to oil, it’s worthwhile to do your homework to see firsthand just how much you could save. We suggest beginning a search with the Fuel Savings Analysis Calculator from the National Oilheat Research Alliance. Analysis for the Calculator is supplied from research data from the Brookhaven National Laboratory of the U.S. Department of Energy. This information offers a cost and efficiency comparison for operating a new gas- or oil-fired home heating system.

Quarles can also create a Budget Payment Plan based on your estimated fuel consumption. This no-fee program allows participants in our Budget Payment Plan the ability to make monthly payments throughout the year. Monthly statements detailing delivery allow you to easily keep track of your heating usage year round. Quarles customers also enjoy a No Run-Out Guarantee with 24/7 delivery service so you’re never left in the cold.

As a dedicated supplier of oil and propane services in Virginia, Quarles can help you create the propane and oil service plan that is right for you. Quarles offers budget payment plans that are based on your individual needs. That means you’ll never have too little or too much oil and propane, and with the BuySmart Price Protection plan from Quarles Inc., you’ll always pay the posted price or the guaranteed price per gallon, whichever is less, on deliveries made from October 1 to May 31.