Let Quarles Demonstrate the Benefits of a Full Tank

It’s doesn’t matter if you’re talking about food or gas. Starting the morning with a lack of either could be an indicator of trouble later in the day. Funny, how so many things that your parents warned you about such as the importance of starting the day with something in your stomach or making sure that your car has at least a half tank of gas in cold weather still ring true.

For the Home or Business

When it comes to keeping your house warm and water hot in the middle of an unpredictable winter, an ample and reliable supply of fuel can make a difference day or night. For the home or business, Quarles offers timely delivery of heating oil, a low-viscosity liquid petroleum, to supply heat for furnaces or boilers in buildings of all sizes.

Customers who are enrolled in the automatic delivery program can also take advantage of Quarles’ No Run-Out Guarantee. This system uses our proprietary “Degree Day” monitoring system to coordinate heating oil deliveries. If you’re in danger of running out of heating oil, just contact Quarles for 24/7 delivery. This is available for automatic delivery customers using whole house heating. Will-call customers can schedule delivery as soon as possible during normal business hours.

For the Fleet

If you’re running a business with a fleet of trucks, you can bet that there will always be someone in the fleet ready for a refill. The benefits of a fleet starting the day with a full tank of gas are many. Collectively this can also translate into more productivity and fewer stops, which is particularly helpful when the weather is less than balmy. It can also make a difference between a smooth start to the day versus one marred by condensation or the possibility of a frozen gas line.

In order to give you and your business one less thing to worry about, Quarles offers business delivery services for propane, heating oil, and diesel on site. The business delivery option offers a number of benefits including volume pricing, convenient account access and bill pay, and tank monitoring services.

Smart Tank Monitoring

At Quarles, we know firsthand the benefits of starting out each day with a full tank. That’s why we created Smart Tank Monitoring. This smart monitoring system tracks the fuel usage using a combination of weather data and consumer usage calculations so you, your home, and your business never run out of fuel. This is a great way to not only stay prepared but it also is beneficial during times of inconsistent fuel usage and is a prime opportunity to lock in fuel prices. Included in the monitoring program is an automatic delivery system. When you work with Quarles for fuel delivery, we’ll keep track of things so you don’t have to.

To learn more about our fuel delivery services, contact Quarles to chat online with one of the Fuel Specialists or call us at 1-800-201-HEAT. One of our qualified Fuel Specialists can answer all your questions about how to set up affordable and on-time delivery for your home or business. Contact Quarles, a provider of quality heat and oil services in Virginia and throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. We’ve proudly supplied heating oil services in Virginia since we were a one-truck operation back in 1940.