Quarles Heating Assistance

Quarles Heating Assistance Program

Quarles proudly partners with the United Way each winter to provide heating fuel to local families in need through the Quarles Heating Assistance Program.

Managed by the United Way, the program provides a way for residential customers who are struggling to keep their homes warm to receive the fuel they need during heating season. Annually, Quarles contributes $15,000 to the program to help over 125 families in Virginia stay warm.

With your help, we can reach even more neighbors in need. Quarles will match donations to the program up to an additional $5,000. Our customers have the option to donate funds to this worthwhile program through our online bill pay system. 100% of the donations go to help someone in need.

If you would like to contribute to this fund, please sign in to donate. For more information, contact us. Thank you for your support.