Great Ways to Save on Heating Oil Energy Costs

Brrrr! We don’t know about you, but this January weather has been a less than welcoming way to start the New Year. Already, bitter cold drafts and snow have caused delays in school starts and have decreased the ability to get back in the swing of things post-holiday. When it’s this cold, it can be hard to not only to get out of bed on a cold and dark morning but also follow through with New Year’s Resolutions to get to the gym before work.

Here are Quarles we are right in the middle of our prime propane heating season, a great time to offer some energy saving tips to keep your home warm and snug this blustery winter.

Inspections Save Time and Money – It’s never too late to have your heating system inspected. Don’t settle for a system that functions inefficiently, especially when you need the heating oil services to keep your home warm and water heated for showers, meals and cleaning.

Don’t Heat an Empty House – While no one wants to come home to a dark and cold home, there can be a big advantage to turning down the thermostat for eight hours a day. If you find yourself forgetting to turn down the heat when you leave for work in the morning or when you go to bed at night, consider the installation of a furnace thermostat that can lower the temperature according to your instructions.

Small Adjustments Equal Warmth and Savings – A quick tour of your home could reveal a number of small ways to save on your heating oil services.

  • Try a flow-restricting showerhead to reduce the amount of heated water used during each shower.
  • Check to see if furniture, draperies or rugs could be accidently covering a heating register in the home.
  • Change the furnace filter on a regular basis to increase airflow and efficiency and reduce dust, allergens and even some viruses. The quality of air filter used will also determine its filtering capabilities.
  • Reduce the temperature on the water heater by five degrees.
  • Only run full loads for the washing machine and dishwasher
  • Apply caulking or weather stripping around ducts, fans and vents


Set up a Monthly Budget Payment Plan – Quarles’ Budget Payment Plan offers customers the option to spread out heating oil payments over 12 months without a fee. Each month a statement will be sent detailing all heating oil deliveries, the current account balance and if any account credit balance exists.

To learn more about these energy-saving tips or to set up an appointment for a heating system inspection, contact Quarles to chat online with one of the Fuel Specialists or call us at 1-800-201-HEAT. One of our qualified Fuel Specialists can answer all your questions about the efficient use of propane during the prime season for heating oil.

There’s no reason to get caught in the cold. Contact Quarles, a provider of quality heat and oil services in Virginia and throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. We’ve proudly supplied heating oil services in Virginia since we were a one-truck operation back in 1940.